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Accessing a Client or Sha >  
Accessing a Client or Shared Workspace

The instructions for accessing a client or shared workspace are as follows:
Option 1: You have a Microsoft Shared Services ID (Existing Officer 365 users)
1. Let us know your email address
2. We will send you an invite to the shared workspace
3. Accept the invite
4. Login with your Microsoft Shared Services ID
5. You will now be in the workspace homepage
6. Keep the url for direct access next time
Option 2: Non office 365 users
1. Sign up for a Windows Live ID using the following link:
2. Let us know the email address you have used
3. We will send you an invite email to the workspace
4. Accept the invite
5. Choose the Hotmail login option on the login page
6. Enter your credentials for your Windows Live ID and log in
7. You will be redirected to the workspace page
8. Keep the url for direct access next time
Note: You can not use the member login above to access a specific workspace